One of the most deeply rooted and most lively traditions of the state of Yucatan is La Vaquería, a group of dances, in which the mestizos and mestizas perform different moves at the rhythm of jarana.

The history of this custom goes back to the 18th century, precisely in the days when livestock predominated as the main economic activity, originally it was carried out annually, in order to honor the owners of the haciendas, its duration was three or four days; later, during the green gold era, late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it gained strength, now in honor of the patron saint of the place where it was held, lasting a week, here was attached food and artificial games.

The name "Vaquería" comes from the bullfights that were celebrated during these festivals, being part of the main activities.


  • 9 PM
  • Plaza Grande, Center

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